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Organizations have to focus their limited resources on their core business activities in order to stay ahead of their competitors. As technology advances and the use of the Internet gains momentum, hardware and software technologies are changing at an even greater pace. Keeping up and acquiring this cutting edge technology in order to be ahead of competitors could put an enormous strain on the organization’s resources.

At Tugye Associates we understand that it is not merely about meeting or exceeding pre-agreed agreements over a fixed period, we create long term service relationships that are engineered to adapt to your changing business needs. In short, our view to outsourcing is less of a customer-supplier relationship and more of a collaboration and trusted partnership that adds value to your business.
It is important for organizations to adopt the right approach in order to reap the benefits of outsourcing. Our approach givesourclients the flexibility to:

  • Selectively outsource specific ICT functions in stages
  • Grow into a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Gradually leverage on the benefits of outsourcing
  • Continuously review performance and make adjustments
  • Technical support from experienced system engineers
  • Gain confidence and in-house acceptance before outsourcing more functions

Our Work Ethic

Professionalism and integrity is reinforced through professional development and work ethics at Tugye Associates. We demand and expect from our staff impeccable moral behaviour, untainted and exemplary conduct. .

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